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"These are the best tortillas I have ever tasted! I can't get enough!"
- Cathy Yoder

Rooted in tradition and crafted with simple, wholesome ingredients, these tortillas are handmade for you with care in Mexico.

- 12 flour tortillas

- 9" diameter

- Non GMO

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Free 12 PACK of Fresh, Hand Made Mexican Tortillas.

We would like to rush a fresh dozen of tortillas to your door, ASAP!

Best tortillas I've tried! These tortillas taste so authentic i can't believe I'm not in Mexico!
-Michael Romero

 Proudly Made In Mexico And Shipped From The USA Same Day Err' Day.

 5,000,000+ Tortillas Shipped

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Why Its Finally Time To...

Quit Buying Store Bought Tortillas...

As you know,

Tortilla options in America are HORRIBLE, they have a 90 day shelf life and smell like plastic...

Here at Tortilla Familia, we provide the most authentic and best tasting tortillas on the market. Hands down.

For 4+ years now we have been shipping Mexico's finest tortillas...

In the process, we have developed a community (more like familia) of raving fans who enjoy good tasting tortillas.

All of our tortillas are...

  • Produced in Mexico (Hecho en Mexico)
  • ​Shipped Fresh "The Same Day They Are Made"
  • ​Hand Made

If you think you’ve had a good burrito before… THINK AGAIN.

Let us take you back to Abuela's kitchen and introduce your taste buds to the most delicious tortillas they have ever met. 

Rooted in tradition and crafted with simple, wholesome ingredients, these tortillas are baked for you with care in Mexico. 

But enough with all this chit-chat!!

It’s Time to Delight Your Senses and Experience This Authentic Mexican Taste For Yourself!

These tortillas are as game-changing as it gets. If you don’t believe us, ask grandma, she’ll tell you.  

Full Dozen Pack $0.00 + $7.95 S&H

We would like to rush you a fresh bag of Mexican Tortillas to your door, ASAP!

Full Dozen Pack $0.00 + $7.95 S&H

We would like to rush you a fresh bag of Mexican Tortillas to your door, ASAP!


...No more of that fake stuff!

  • ​100% Made In Mexico
  • ​Incredible Taste/Smell
  • ​Non GMO/Vegan Friendly
  • ​Only 5 Ingredients
  • ​100% Recyclable Packaging

Buying tortillas from Tortilla Familia is CRUCIAL in getting the most out of any & all comida...

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We'd like to rush a FREE, fresh pack of a dozen hand-made, Mexican tortillas to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like we mentioned before, these tortillas are free. We'll pay for the dozen and all we ask is that you help us cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the US! We don't own the post office or we would make that free also... ;)

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Customer Reviews

"These Are The BEST TORTILLAS! These are the only tortillas I will ever buy... I love them so much that I have a monthly subscription haha. + the kiddos love them"

-Brock Rhees Tortilla Addict

"These tortillas take me straight home... I am so grateful for this company and the memories that they bring back to my life. #Familia

-Leslie Valenzuela Soccer Mom

"Ever since I moved from Arizona to the East coast, I never thought finding 'decent' tortillas would be SO difficult. I used to have my daughter bring me tortillas every time she'd come visit... now she visits to eat my tortillas. Thanks Tortilla Fam"

-Brian Howell OG Customer 4+ years

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the shelf life of the tortillas?

Answer: Our products are as REAL as they get (meaning not artificial), so they're best kept refrigerated or frozen. If placed in refrigerated unopened, they will keep for 21 days; if opened and stored in the fridge, please consume within 7 days. If you're not hungry for tortillas right now, or if you're stashing them for a global pandemic, then they'll last even longer in the freezer (three months).

Q: How long does it take to ship orders? 

Answer: In order to maintain freshness, we ship our tortillas Tuesday - Friday. Orders received after 12pm eastern time on Friday will be shipped the following week. Orders received after 1p.m. will be shipped the following business day. All packages are delivered 3-5 days after they are shipped to ensure they are fresh upon arrival.
We only ship within the United States, Alaska and Hawaii included.

Q: Are your products keto and/or vegan?

Answer: While we are here to support your wellness journey, we don’t make claims that our food is approved for the keto diet. We suggest that you consult your dietician or nutritionist to ensure that our foods are right for you. As far as vegan goes... YES our products are vegan friendly!

Q: What are your freezing/thawing recommendations?

Answer: The tortillas taste just as fresh after being thawed out. We do recommend separating the tortillas before putting them into the fridge to prevent sticking.
Do I need to store tortillas in the fridge?
Yes, after getting your tortillas they need to be stored in the fridge unless you plan on eating them all the next couple of days. They are fresh and will get mold just like bread would.

Q: What are the 5 ingredients?

Answer: Ingredients - Salt, Water, Vegetable Lard, Calcium Propionate, and Flour


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